The BAPA Annual Award for Excellence

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2022 Prize

Applications should be sent to the BAPA Chair Dr Anne Marsden ( by 30 September 2023.

Prize Regulations

1.    The award is named the BAPA Annual Award for Excellence.

2.    Any BAPA member (Full, Associate or Retired) will be eligible for the award apart from members of the Panel (see below)

3.    The award will be given for work that promotes the aims of BAPA, which are:
    (a)    The promotion of standards in both training and professional qualifications of paediatricians working in audiovestibular medicine and to contribute to the training of other professionals working in related disciplines.
    (b)    The promotion of multidisciplinary working for the benefit of children and their families.
    (c)    The promotion of multidisciplinary working by maintaining and developing links with other professional bodies.
    (d)    The holding of meetings, lectures and discussions in various regions and the publication at regular intervals of a newsletter for members.

4.    This work can be in the form of:
    (a)    a report or publication
    (b)    a presentation to an educational or audit meeting
    (c)    an outstanding contribution to service development and/or multi-disciplinary working.

5.    Candidates can themselves apply for the Prize by submitting a report or presentation. Alternatively candidates can be proposed by any full member of BAPA by submission of a citation.

6.    The Awards Panel will comprise three assessors, two of whom are BAPA members (one of whom is a committee member) and one non-BAPA member who is actively involved in children's hearing services. The Panel will be nominated annually by the Committee.

7.    Submissions should be sent to the Secretariat or Chairman by the deadline given each year for consideration by the Panel. If the Panel agrees to make an award this will be presented at the next BAPA Annual General Meeting. If the recipient is unable to attend, the award will be presented in absentia.

8.    The award will be in the form of tokens of the recipient’s choosing. The value of the award is currently £250.