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Applications for the 2018 BAAP Hallpike Prize are now open (deadline: 1 Jan 2019)


Applications for the 2019 BAPA Prize are now open


Course for the Aetiological Investigations of Hearing Loss in Childhood, at the Institue of Child Health, 8th and 9th October 2018


BAPA Annual Meeting 2018
Registration now open


BAPA Annual Meeting 2017
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BAPA Annual Meeting 2017
The 2017 conference will be held on 26 January - further details to follow


CMV News

The long-awaited NIH-funded study of valganciclovir treatment for children older than a month of age with congenital CMV and sensorineural hearing loss (toddler valgan) is now recruiting across the UK .

See or nhs networks for more information.
Please contact your local recruiting centre if you are aware of any children meeting the below criteria (contact emails are on the website).
Ideally, congenital CMV should have been confirmed already (sample from within the first 3 weeks of life or retrospectively retrieve Guthrie card) but Guthrie card can be retrieved as part of the study protocol if the eligibility criteria below have been met.
  • Sensorineural hearing loss (≥ 21dB in one or both ears, documented within 12 weeks prior to study entry)
  • Children from 1 month through 3 years of age (up to the 4th birthday)
  • CMV shedding in urine by PCR or culture (including shell vial) within 12 weeks prior to study enrollment


BAPA Annual Meeting 2016

The next Annual Meeting and AGM will be held on Thursday 28 Jaunary 2016 in London. Deadline for registation is 15 January.